Aloha Tournaments VIP Program


We are excited to unveil our VIP program to show our appreciation to our loyal teams and clubs that attend each and every year and have a large presence at each event. Earn Silver or Gold VIP Status!
Aloha Tournaments truly values all our clients and event supporters. Every registration is important and we want every team to have a fun and competitive tournament experience.


Play more …..Earn more!


Being a VIP at Aloha Tournaments entitles you to exclusive benefits and services with a personal touch. Our exclusive VIP program has been specifically designed to cater to your tournament planning needs.


VIP Silver Status

What does this mean for you? As a Silver VIP, you will enjoy the following perks:

      Registration discounts and promotions.
      Advanced notice of upcoming promotions.
      Personal client care when registering, troubleshooting or final tournament needs.
      Merchandise discounts at upcoming tournaments.


VIP Gold Status

As a Gold VIP, you get to enjoy the following perks:

All the benefits of the Silver VIP program as well these special additions:

      VIP parking at Tournaments!
      One roster submission per team per season (unless new player is added).
      Premium early bird registration & discounts/promotions.
      Advanced notice of upcoming promotions with a personal phone call.
      Exclusive perks and gifts throughout the year.


How can you become a Gold or Silver VIP member?


Each year we evaluate the previous year’s teams and make our selections based upon:

1. Number of Tournaments attended in the prior year
2. Club and team performance at each event
3. Total number of team registrations each year
4. Roster and Waiver compliance
5. Meeting registration and payment deadlines
6. Early registrations for upcoming events


Our VIP program will be evaluated at the end of each calendar year. Every year we will unveil a new class of VIP members. New VIPs will be notified in January of each year and the listed perks will be available to the VIPs for that full calendar year.

Want to become a VIP?

Give us a call at 410-252- 5642 or email us at