Aloha Tournaments



Carroll Manor Recreation Council

along with

the Cockeysville Recreation Council

present the

2015 Brine Lax Splash Lacrosse Tournament

May 29-May 31, 2015

Baltimore, Maryland 

Congratulations to all 2015 Lax Splash Champions and Finalists !

Divison Champion Finalist
Boys 7/8 A Arden Diamondbacks 2024 Bel Air
Boys 7/8 B Towsontowne Sidewinders
Boys 7/8 C Perry Hall Sippel Bel Air Dengler
Boys 9/10 A Arden Diamondbacks Thunder 2022
Boys 9/10 B PYLAX Sidewinders
Boys 9/10 C OC Warriors Geronimo
Boys 11/12 A Carroll Manor Cobra Doughty
Boys 11/12 B Looneys 2021 Orange PYLAX
Boys 11/12 C Perry Hall- Middlestadt WAX
Boys 13/14 A Looneys 2020 Orange Cobra Silk
Boys 13/14 B Smithtown East Sidewinders
Boys 13/14 C Middle River Renegades Baltimore City All Stars
Girls 7/8 A Carroll Manor Catonsville
Girls 7/8 B HFG Ward Hawks
Girls 9/10 A Hawks LTRC
Girls 9/10 B Reistertown Blue Thunder Cockeysville
Girls 9/10 C MLC 2 Lally MLC 3 Lynch
Girls 11/12 A K-Coast Dolphins Cobra Migdet A
Girls 11/12 B LTRC B1 MLC
Girls 11/12 C Towsontowne Perry Hall 1 Tingle
Girls 13/14 A Bel Air CLC - Cav Lax
Girls 13/14 B Perry Hall 1 Morales North Carroll